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Traditional Chinese medicine has certain anti AIDS effect of Polygonum cuspidatum extract

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China's anti AIDS work by the United Nations and the World Health praise
Traditional Chinese medicine has certain anti AIDS effect of Polygonum cuspidatum extract
Since the 1981 report found the first case of AIDS, the terrible disease has so far led to about 25000000 deaths, becoming one of the most lethal diseases in human history. Tomorrow (December 1st) is World AIDS Day
AIDS, fulfill commitments under the theme of propaganda, the whole society is launching an unprecedented fight against aids. But UNAIDS and the WHO released the latest report on World AIDS China commended the work of anti AI, the reason is that we have limited funds for AIDS prevention project and achievements.
In the middle of this month,
Ministry of Health informed the latest situation of China's AIDS epidemic, as of October 31, 2006, the country has accumulated over the past year, 183733 cases of AIDS, the risk of further spread of the AIDS epidemic is still serious. The Ministry of Health said that in order to prevent the spread of AIDS, to mobilize the whole society to participate in the prevention of AIDS, from December 1st to 7 this year will carry out HIV free testing week activities.
Since 2003 2004, between the date of AIDS that Prime Minister Wen Jiabao and President Hu Jintao and AIDS patients with "historic handshake", the Chinese government on AIDS care and fight HIV / AIDS determination demonstrates to the whole world. There are foreign power is to evaluate this move is the Chinese government to show its importance to the AIDS problem a big step, and drive people to the psychological barrier of the disease breakthrough.
As the National AIDS epidemic ranked fifth in Guangdong, the latest information on the AIDS epidemic is the knowledge of AIDS prevention and control has been included in the Guangdong provincial Party school courses. Not only that, the provincial finance for each case of antiviral treatment of patients with an annual subsidy of 10 thousand yuan, so far, there have been 384 patients receiving free antiretroviral therapy, and 51 patients received free anti opportunistic infection treatment. Relevant departments of Guangdong AIDS prevention measures to give a high degree of evaluation.
New progress of anti AI
The scientists for AIDS prevention enzyme "pictures": the latest issue of the United States "Journal of Biological Chemistry", researchers at the University of Rochester medical center, scientists are studying why some people are naturally against the AIDS virus problem, has taken the "structure of an enzyme, this enzyme can snapshot" death of the AIDS virus after changing the. Scientists hope to invent a new drug to help people fight AIDS virus.
AIDS vaccine: China's AIDS vaccine has completed phase I clinical trials in June of this year, according to the current clinical observation results, the safety of the vaccine to be sure, the experiment is expected to enter the stage ii. The vaccine clinical research once completed the three phase of the test, it can be allowed to produce and use.
Chinese medicine experts found that AIDS: following the traditional Chinese medicine licorice has anti AIDS effect after the province of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, several experts, before the completion of a Guangdong province natural science fund research shows that Chinese medicine resveratrol has certain effect of anti HIV; a British expert center Rena medicine also at a symposium on the recommendation of the new Chinese medicine for treating AIDS body Weisi antiviral capsule ", this by the British Medical Center and Nanjing Kang Rena to May 2005 drug pharmaceutical Technical Developing Company joint development trial has begun clinical trials in the uk. After more than a year of clinical studies show that the drug has a good effect on the treatment of aids. Therefore, the drug is expected to be used as a substitute for the failure of Western medicine.
Newspaper reporter Chen Jiali
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